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About Us

NEYVA – Our Story

Setting out to exquisitely fuse ethnic modest touch into American styles, NEYVA is a brand that strives to challenge and transcend the traditional but modern fashion while rooted in the Indian heritage. Hameeda Charaniya, a visionary well beyond her time, is the name behind the brand. Neyva was born out of her inspiration to constantly take fashion to the next level.

Following the couturier’s approach to create unique masterpieces, the brand’s design and aesthetic is ever-evolving. With its showcase in one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world – New York – it lays down its foundation towards a flourishing global presence. Neyva is becoming known internationally for representing the modern Indian couture. The brand’s strong social media and online presence is increasing Neyva’s popularity among the fashion world




Neyva strives to offer a dynamic fusion of Art to the American Fashion world, so that the patrons can experience the best of both worlds. It offers styles that can be true to the Global Culture

Born and brought up in South India, Hameeda Charaniya was raised in a place where the culture couldn’t have possibly been any more diverse. With people belonging to different ethnicities having a slightly different way of dressing themselves, the diversity in styles caught her attention at a young age. Hameeda Charaniya drew inspiration from the distinct colors, different textures of fabrics and the amazing details in embroidery.

As Hameeda C recalls her childhood, she was only 13 and way too passionate about fashion designing. She soon realized how much can be added into styles and thereon she would never settle with anything ordinary. While others often buy clothes from store and wear them as it is, Hameeda C would turn the same into something completely out of the box. It brings her sheer joy to design something new, creative and extravagant every now and then.